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Lucy Osborn's Eulogy by David Domjan (February 26, 2003)
September 6, 1896 - February 21, 2003

Most of you already know me; I'm Dave Domjan, Ann Domjan's son, and proudly Lucy Osborn's youngest grandchild. I'm very honoured to have been asked to speak for a brief moment to help us all celebrate in the life here on earth of my grandmother, our mother, our grandmother, our great-grandmother, our great-great-grandmother, and our friend.

Where to start? Well, as you can appreciate, it is impossible to capture into words all that she meant to us and impossible to describe the way she touched all of us so dearly. Each of us has many special memories.

My Grandmother Lucy married my grandfather Jesse Osborn who passed away in his nineties just before celebrating their 74th wedding anniversary. They had eight children, Margaret, Donald, William, Fredrick, Betty, Naeda, Mary and my mother Ann. Their living descendents include 21 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren and 25 great-great-grandchildren.

I've had a picture of Grandma at my desk at work ever since I started my first job after graduating university. Grandma was and will always be my hero. For her entire life her love for our Lord was always strong and central to her life. She went through numerous challenges during her nearly 107 years and she faced each one of those challenges with unwavering confidence that the Lord would look over her and her family. Recalling the unconditional love my grandmother always demonstrated to God and the love she always demonstrated to the people around her gives me the courage to trust God and his ways, to love life for what it throws at us and to forgive those who may cross us. In many different ways and many different forms Grandma has passed along to each of us this precious gift of courage and unconditional love, the same courage she and her little daughter Margaret shared when Margaret was stricken with Scarlet Fever and died at a young age. Grandma would proudly tell stories of how Margaret was a brave little girl and never complained.

Grandma would always talk very kindly of her daughter Betty, my Aunt Betty, who graciously took good care of her from 1987 through 1998. It was in June of 1998 when Aunt Betty's health had deteriorated and Grandma was placed in the very capable and loving hands of the Hilltop Manor Nursing Home, where she was always treated like a queen. Grandma's spirits were always high at Hilltop Manor. Her hearing and eyesight may have started to fail, but we all continued to enjoy her quick wit and stories of years gone by. She always had many visitors at Hilltop manor, both friends and family, whether her daughter Mary who Grandma taught to sew at 7 bringing her another hand sewn night gown or from her children who struggled through physical challenges to come and see her to Aunt Naeda and my mom who both visited her religiously almost daily. Whether in spirit or physical presence, her family was always by her side, which is a testament to the unconditional love she has always shown her family and friends. What better sign of how much she touched her family than to see her grandson Richard travel here from Bermuda and her granddaughter Cathie travel here from California?

3 years ago on February 20th at Hilltop Manor Grandma was honoured with a celebration for having lived three centuries. Three centuries, my goodness, the things she has seen. Grandma always loved to reminisce. Her stories included the times prior to automobiles and electricity or how on every "pay-day" her and Grandpa would sit together sorting out where their money was most needed. Like their parents, they made sure a tenth was set-aside for the Lord. Grandma and Grandpa's lives were entwined with the Salvation Army. Grandma always helped in any way she could, from her regular donations to the winter she made 28 quilts for the Home League sales. Grandma would proudly say that they never had to do without, and she would even more proudly proclaim that the Lord always looked after her family.

Other stories she told included how her mother had been an accomplished seamstress and how she had learned through her mother and sister Amy how to sew. When it came time for Grandma to write her "entrance exams" for high school she was able to make her own clothes for the trip. She would add how her father was so proud of her work that he would run out to the road with her new clothes on hangers to show passers-by. And she would go on to say how it was when she moved to Simcoe for high school that she met her husband and life partner, my Grandfather Jesse.

Grandma would also talk about her three young boys, my Uncles, who went over seas for World War II, and how all three were in dangerous war zones, Uncle Don in the army, Uncle Bill a bomber pilot, and Uncle Fred in the Navy. She would always speak proudly how all three were decorated with medals of our wonderful and free country of Canada and how she always thanked God that all three returned home safely. What a precious gift.

I was speaking to my cousin Richard last night and he told me a story from when Grandma was 55. Richard described how he came into Grandma's living room and she said to him "I'm 55 now you know, Jesse and I will only be around for a few more years" -- It was 50 years after that afternoon in Grandma's living room when we were celebrating her 105th birthday at Hilltop Manor and kidding with her that she still had a couple more years to go before she would be old. As we continued to share memories Richard went on to tell me how competitive Grandma was when she played broomball with the kids. To all of us, even at 106 she was still that same kid at heart who could play broomball with the best of them.

Grandma's warm and cuddly teddy bear nature and high spirits always made it a pleasure to visit with her. As recent as a couple weeks ago when I was visiting with her at Hilltop Manner with my fianc‚e Deb she was convinced that she was going to come to our wedding this coming May and dance the night away. I know in my heart she, and her perfect partner, Grandpa will be at my wedding in spirit dancing reunited in heaven. Just as she will be dancing the night away in spirit at our wedding, my Grandmother, my hero, our mother, our friend, our grandmother, our great-grandmother, and our great-great-grandmother, will be in our hearts and memories forever. Thank you Grandma so very much for everything you have given us. We will always love you Grandma.

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